I get this question often, and my response is usually, go new!  However, there are times when buying used is a better option.  Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of buying new versus used.


1. Custom made-
Buying a new vehicle allows you to custom make the vehicle to meet your specific requirements.  You can design the vehicle around how you plan to use it.  In addition, you can determine the different options you want.  Such as, a wheelchair lift, restroom, wi-fi, generator size, gas or diesel chassis.

2. It’s brand new!- buying a new mobile medical 5
That’s right, it’s never been used by anyone else.  It’s clean and smells new.  You get to decide how you want to stock the cabinets and drawers.  No accidents, misuse, doesn’t smell funny.  No wear and tear from a previous owner.  No hidden problems the previous owner didn’t tell you about.  

Most important, you’re not buying someone else’s problem! Sometimes the used mobile clinic is not exactly what you want, and you have to spend some money to get it remodeled and updated.  The cost to remodel can vary depending upon how much needs to be done.  If you fully gut the interior and remodel with all new cabinets, appliances, and equipment it can cost well over $100,000.  You may have to buy a new generator, or buy all new tires to make sure the vehicle is road worthy.  You will more than likely need to re-brand the exterior with a graphic wrap, which can cost between $10,000-$15,000.

3. Full Warranty-
The best warranty you can get is from the manufacturer.  Chassis warranties range from 3-5 years.  Manufacturer warranties range from 1-2 years, with extended warranties available.  Typically, used mobile clinics are sold as is, and no warranty is provided.  This can lead to future expenses, so you may want to establish a repair budget.  

4. Latest features & options-
New mobile clinics have all the latest tech!  Multi-media and navigation interfaces are constantly evolving with many improvements from year to year.  Medical grade refrigerators and freezers have all the latest tracking devices.  Updated wi-fi systems use the latest technology to stay ahead and keep you connected.  Interior and exterior LED lighting is more cost efficient.You can design the interior with the latest flooring and cabinet colors.  Your vehicle will not look like it was built in the 80’s.  

5. Safety-Fuel Efficiency-
Lower EmissionsVehicle safety laws are getting more and more stringent, which makes newer vehicles safer.  Government mandates have increased fuel efficiency, and fuel costs are a major component of a vehicles total cost of ownership.  Strict EPA mandates over the past 10 years have lowered emissions.  The newest diesel chassis are cleaner burning and emit less particulate into the air.   


1. Price-
This is the biggest advantage!  A used mobile clinic is going to be less expensive.  Used mobile clinics range in size, make model and price.  Look for a newer model with low mileage and limited hours on the generator.  You may need to factor in the cost to replace the exterior graphics, the generator, tires, so take this into consideration before making an offer.

2. Insurance rates-
Insurance rates are based on the age of the vehicle, so a used vehicle tends to be less expensive.  It’s always wise to check with your insurance agent before you purchase a used mobile clinic.

3. Availability-
The used mobile clinic is ready to use and operate.  Unless you have to remodel, or make upgrades to the vehicle, the used unit is ready to hit the road.  If you purchase a new mobile clinic it can take 4-7 months for the manufacturer to build.There are many factors that go into the decision to buy a new or used mobile clinic, so it really depends upon your situation.  If you have the budget and the time, I would recommend buying new. Either way, the need to access care for your patients can be achieved by using a new or used mobile clinic.


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