The exterior graphics design process is a fun and great way to advertise your mobile clinic services. Your mobile clinic is a large moving billboard so we highly recommend our customers take advantage of the exterior vehicle space and create an efficient design.

The first part of the design process is determining what type of graphics package you require. This decision is driven by a customer’s budget. Universal Specialty Vehicles, Inc. offers three graphics packages with a variety of interior and exterior graphic coverage, material and design options. As the customer, you will need to determine which graphics budget will work best for your organization. USV can work with the customer to determine if they prefer an all vinyl graphic design, a paint and vinyl combination design or simply spot vinyl decals. Every customer is different with respect to their requirements.

mobile clinic graphics 1

Next, you will need to brainstorm themes for the graphics design. Depending on the age group, some customers like to design animated kid-friendly graphics that will make children feel comfortable when walking into the vehicle. Other customers prefer to use a variety of colors with their services listed.

As the customer, you will need to determine if you require stock photography as part of your design. Some customers like to showcase stock photography with photos of either kids, family members or medical providers. Do you want to list your organization donors or sponsors? How about listing your contact information? Do you have a specific font name and size? What pantone color codes do you require? These are just a few of the questions that must be answered before you start the graphics design process.

mobile clinic graphics 2There are organizations that allow their marketing team to create the graphic design file. Other organizations prefer an outside vendor create the design.

Universal Specialty Vehicles, Inc. works with a local graphic design team that is available to design custom graphic designs for their customers. USV has been working with most of their vendors for numerous years and provide high quality services to their customers.

USV favors their graphics team because they are familiar with the vehicles that we built. The design team can create, print and install the graphic design so it is a one stop shop for everything graphics related. There are various elements that come into play when designing the graphics. A designer/installer must take into account the door frames, windows, awning location, latches, handles, moldings and slide-out rooms.

After the graphic design is complete, USV works with their graphics vendor to provide a printed proof of the design. The proof is printed on the same vinyl material that will be installed in the vehicle.

mobile clinic graphics 3

USV works with a vendor that prints on 3 M materials which is the best material in the market right now (use 3M inks too). The proof is used so that a customer can get an idea of the final actual design and color scheme that will be installed on their vehicle. This assures the customer and the installer that the design and colors used are in fact what they had in mind. The installation process can take up to two weeks to complete due to the complexity of each vehicle and design being installed.

 The most important advice we give customers is for them to start the design process right away. A lot of editing is done during the design phase which can take up months to complete. You want your design to be ready by the time the vehicle is complete. It would be difficult to have your vehicle sit around until the graphic design is done. USV works with their customers every step of the way to make sure that their graphic design vision is completed properly and on time.

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