Once you place your mobile clinic order, you will need to start the color selections process. We allow our customers to select each individual color for their mobile clinic. The color selections process can take some time to finalize so you will need to start right away. Some customers have a marketing theme in mind that they must adhere to but others do not. The steps below are useful tools to assure that your color selections process is done smoothly. The flooring that you select varies depending on the vehicle-type you purchase.

mobile vehicle interior color processLet’s take a look at the mobile clinic flooring options. If you purchase a mobile medical clinic, you will need a flooring that meets certain healthcare standards. Universal Specialty Vehicles, Inc. uses sustainable flooring materials that are Certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly and Greenguard Certified. These are the best products on the market and are beneficial for both staff and patients that have allergen sensitivities.

Interior color process 2

If you purchase a command post vehicle, you will need a rugged vinyl or rubber flooring that is durable, stain and slip resistant. Most command post vehicles are used at crime scenes or used for emergency response so it’s no surprise that officers wearing heavy duty boots will come in and out of the vehicle. Doing so, will require a vehicle flooring that is rugged and can sustain wear and tear over time. Universal Specialty Vehicles, Inc. offers sound-dampening flooring options that provide cushioned comfort features, is microbial resistant, eco-friendly and has minimal maintenance requirements.

Once you have selected your flooring, you will need to look at your wall options. Universal Specialty Vehicles, Inc. offers various wall panel patterns, accent walls and fiberglass walls. Right now, lighter and brighter colors are trending which gives the illusion that the vehicle’s interior is bigger and more spacious.

Interior color process 3

mobile vehicle interior color process 4mobile vehicle interior color process 5Next, you will need to review the countertop color options. Universal Specialty Vehicles, Inc. uses Greenguard Certified Solid

Surface Anti-bacterial countertops that are non-porous and are hygienic for healthcare interiors. Among the countertop options that we offer, the solid surface option is seamless which provides a nice finish in the vehicle setting. USV installs all solid surface countertops with a back splash to provide an appealing space and protect the walls from spatter.

Interior color process 6

Countertop color selections are chosen in conjunction with the interior cabinetry. We offer hundreds of laminate cabinet colors to choose from.The cabinetry laminate options are environmentally friendly. USV offers a standard line of colors and various upgraded premium laminates for budget flexibility. 

Lastly, you will need to select the various interior fabrics. Depending on your floorplan design, you will need to select front driver and passenger cab seats, bench seating vinyl, exam chair vinyl and exam stool vinyl. Most customers use the various fabric options to draw in color to the space.

Interior color process 7When designing a medical or dental clinic, customers like to use bright colors to make patients feel comfortable. When designing a law enforcement vehicle, darker colors are used more often to hide stains and dirt more.

Another note to keep in mind is the vinyl versus fabric textures. In the healthcare industry, vinyl textures are preferred over fabric because they are non-porous and easier to wipe clean.

The cab passenger and driver seats we offer areInterior color process 8 made of ultra-leather fabrics which are PVC free polyurethane and Greenguard Certified. The cab seats provide four layers of comfort with ease of care and are tailored with rayon fibers to provide the highest comfortable performance seating in the industry. A neat new feature that our vendor offers is the option of adding a power base to the seats. This way, the person sitting on the cab seat can move the seat with ease of comfort.

Interior color process 9

The color selections can be a lengthy process and sometimes a little confusing to the customer. We offer our customers the opportunity of reviewing their color options in person at our facility. This way, we can provide input on what color options work together to design a functional comfortable space for both the customer and their patients. We also work with our vendors to update all color options so that we stay afloat of the everchanging trends. The best advice we can give when it comes to the interior colors selection process is don’t put off selecting your colors and finalizing your color scheme. Doing so can lead to selecting colors that clash with one another which will then make your clinic look uncoordinated.Interior color process 11

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